Award & Certificates

Each participant will receive a certificate of participation. Awards will be given to the top scorers, according to the percentiles as shown below:

Gold Medal (10%)

Silver Medal (20%)

Bronze Medal (20%)

Certificate of Participation (50%)

What is Next for MyESO Winners?

10% top scorers from MyESO will be trained to prepare for the IESO of the following year. This is essential in order to select the team that will compete in IESO. The students will be trained by the university lecturers and professionals from the related industries such as geology, geophysics, oceanography, astronomy and meteorology.

The students will be evaluated from their performance in the assignments, test, teamwork and communication during the training sessions. 4 best students will be chosen to undergo further training in theoretical and practical part of earth science fields until the commencement of IESO 2022.

It is to be reminded that the training will focus on higher level of each field in earth science, in both theoretical and practical aspects. The students will attend several training camps at Geological Department, University of Malaya as planned by the coaching team.

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