MyESO 2019 Result

Congratulations to all winners!

These are the full results of Malaysian Earth Science Olympiad (MyESO) 2019. The results are classified by categories in Excel file. Each file sorted by the award (Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, and Certificate of Participation). Please take note that the name list of each award is in alphabetical order of their names. 

Please take note of the following:

  1. If there is any mistake in the name, school or category of any participant, please inform us as soon as possible by email. The deadline for any correction is on 22nd November 2019. This is important since the name, school and category will appear on the certificate.
  2. The allocation of percentage for participants in MyESO is as follows:
  • Approximately top 10% of participants from each category will receive GOLD AWARD certificates.
  • The next 20% of participants are the receivers of SILVER AWARD certificates.
  • The next 20% of participants will receive BRONZE AWARD certificates.  
  • The remaining 50% will receive the certificate of PARTICIPATION.

To view the results, click the buttons below to download the file. To find a specific name/school, use the CTRL+F (Find) function on Excel.

MyESO Final Round will be held next year. The invitation letter will be sent to the selected students’ school soon. All the details about the final round (date, venue, etc) will be announced in the invitation letter. Stay tuned!

Lower Secondary

Upper Secondary