Earth Explorer Competition is an annual, online national school-level competition that introduces general knowledge about the study of earth and neighboring planets in space.


Earth Explorer Competition is an annual, online national school-level competition that introduces general knowledge about the study of earth and neighboring planets in space.

Primary (Standard 4 up to Standard 6) & secondary school students (Form 1 up to Form 5) from all over Malaysia are invited to join this competition. The aim of this competition is to instill interest and to give exposure to students in this field.

Earth Explorer Competition program in Malaysia comprises four stages;

  1. Earth Explorer Competition
  2. Malaysian Earth Science Olympiad (MyESO)
  3. National Training Camps
  4. International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO)


IESO is an annual competition for secondary school students and was founded by the International GeoScience Education Organization (IGEO). It aims to increase students’ interest in geoscience, enhance public awareness towards earth science, and to empower earth science teaching and learning processes at school level. Also, it aims to further foster friendly relationships among young learners from different countries.

Participants from Earth Explorer Competition 2023 will stand a chance to represent Malaysia in IESO 2023. As of 2022, 25 countries have participated in IESO.


Primary Students

Public School - Standard 4 up to Standard 6
International School - Year 4 up to Year 6

Secondary Students

Public School - Form 1 up to Form 5
International School - Year 7 up to Year 11 and Pre-Universities students






Register for Earth Explorer Competition 2024 to stand a chance to participate in the International Earth Science Olympiad 2024.



30 objective questions

Answering Time

1 hour and 30 minutes




English, Bahasa Melayu


PC/Laptop, Stable internet connection & scientific calculator

Primary Category

Secondary Category


Each participant will receive a certificate of participation. Awards will be given to the top scorers, according to the percentiles as shown below. The awards are symbolic, not an actual medal.
Top 10% - Gold, Silver & Bronze certificate award recipients
Subsequent 40% - Honorable Mention certificate recipients
Remaining 50% - Participation certificate recipients

10% top scorers from Earth Explorer Competition will be invited to participate in Malaysian Earth Science Olympiad (MyESO). Then, 10 best students will be chosen to be trained to prepare for the IESO. This is essential in order to select the team that will compete in IESO. The students will be trained by the university lecturers and professionals from the related industries such as geology, geophysics, oceanography, astronomy and meteorology.

The students will be evaluated from their performance in the assignments, test, teamwork and communication during the training sessions. Top 4 best students will be chosen to undergo further training in the theoretical and practical part of earth science fields until the commencement of IESO 2023.

It is to be reminded that the training will focus on the higher level of each field in earth science, in both theoretical and practical aspects. The students will attend several training camps as planned by the coaching team.

Click the button below to download the sample questions

Memorable MYESO Training Camp Moments

16 best students from MyESO was invited to participates in the National Training Camp that was held from 29th May until 2nd June 2023. The 5-day camp, featuring expert trainers in various Earth science fields, provides a rich learning experience for the participants.


International Earth Science Olympiad 2023

Congratulations to all participants of the International Earth Science Olympiad 2023!

This year, IESO 2023 held in the online realm from August 20 to August 26, 2023, witnesses a distinctive absence of a hosting country, marking a departure from the traditional in-person hosting format. Approximately 144 contestants from 29 countries have embarked on this virtual adventure, with the aim not only to showcase their skills but to collectively enhance student interest in learning earth science. 

In this year’s International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO), Team Malaysia, represented by Ardent Educational Consultants Sdn Bhd, proudly sent four talented students to compete, Hee Wen Kai, Yuvan Saktivel, Evan Lim Hong Yan and Lucas Cheah Hoe Yeen.

The Malaysian Team delivered an outstanding performance at IESO 2023, particularly in the Data Mining Test (DMT) category, securing 3 silver medals and 1 bronze. This not only reflects their commitment to excellence but also showcases their adeptness in overcoming challenges within the virtual setting. Additionally, the team earned a bronze award in the Earth System Project (ESP) category, highlighting their proficiency in handling intricate Earth science projects and displaying a diverse skill set.

In conclusion, congratulations are in order for the Malaysian Team. Their dedication, excellence, and the significant mark they’ve left at IESO 2023 are not only a source of pride for their team but for the entire country. Here’s to celebrating the Malaysian Team’s remarkable journey and looking forward to more tales of triumph in the future

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