About MyESO


Malaysian Earth Science Olympiad (MyESO) is an annual, national school-level competition that introduces earth science knowledge to secondary school and pre-university students in Malaysia. MyESO is a platform to choose the best four students to represent Malaysia in the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO). Participants from this year’s MyESO will stand a chance to represent Malaysia in IESO 2020 which will be held in Russia.

IESO is an annual competition for secondary school students and was founded by International GeoScience Education Organization (IGEO). It aims to increase students’ interest in geoscience, enhance public awareness towards earth science, and to empower earth science teaching and learning processes at school level. Also, it aims to further foster friendly relationships among young learners from different countries. As of 2018, 38 countries had participated in IESO.

MyESO program in Malaysia comprises four stages;

  1. Preliminary Round
  2. Final Round
  3. National Training Camps
  4. IESO

MyESO is endorsed by the Ministry of Education Malaysia which enables all participants to collect co-curriculum marks.


  • To improve the teaching and learning of earth science in schools.
  • To promote national cooperation in exchanging ideads and materials about earth science.
  • To allow students to acquire basic knowledge about physical systems of Earth in composition, structure and the active processes inside them.
  • To use earth science as a tool to illustrate chemical, physical and biological principles.
  • To develop the skills needed in order to develop an environmental insight.
  • To acquire basic scientific research skills of making an observation and the ability to discern between an observation, a conclusion and an assumption.